Academic Programs

To complement instruction, ASA offers a host of academic programs that enable students to gain performance skills, civic participation, perseverance, logic, critical thinking and social skills.

Work Study – a work-for-wages/work-for-credit program aimed at students who are supporting themselves financially through high school. The program links students to jobs that accommodate students’ academic schedules. Students are paid an hourly wage and they receive course credit. Both the student’s instructor and manager contribute to the student’s progress evaluations.


Service Learning – a program enabling students to perform community service in exchange for school credit. ASA students are required to complete 40 hours of community service prior to graduation. This program fosters student learning, personal development and work-life skills and makes it possible for ASA to help build the community and develop long-term partnerships with local organizations.


Independent Study – an academic program offered to select students. Students in this program work independently and outside of the classroom under the guidance and supervision of an instructor.