About Our Academics

At ASA active learning is key. Students are engaged in the learning process and teachers are facilitators of learning. We offer small classroom sizes to leverage customized instruction. Our average teacher-student ratio is 1:24. Our teachers are state-certified, experienced in their disciplines and adept at teaching high-risk, urban youth. They understand the insight and sensitivity needed for our students and they recognize each student is coming to ASA with unique learning styles and potential gaps in social, developmental or academic skills. 

At the beginning of each school year, teachers, parents and students collaborate with each other to develop individual learning plans for each student. The Alternative Education Plan or AEP, outlines each student’s learning and behavioral objectives and identifies teacher expectations. It also pinpoints a student’s potential academic or social barriers to success. The AEP serves as a functioning roadmap for students, parents and teachers – helping each to evaluate student progress, assess instructional delivery and delineate areas of improvement. 

Educational Philosophy 

ASA’s educational philosophy is comprehensive and student-focused. We realize our students may be off-track and may have been turned off to traditional public schools. Our goal is to turn them back onto school and re-connect them to the value of education. We do this by offering individualized instruction that is performance-based and culturally-relevant. This enables us to engage the students in the learning process and help them discover their potential. Our ultimate goal: to develop within each student a desire to become a critical thinker and life-long learner. In so doing, our students become active participants in their own growth and development and they are able to identify and pursue their personal, educational and vocational goals.